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(c) NVA`s Speed of Light/RTG/vE&K WerbeagenturThe title comes with two meanings.  First it stands for the decision to have a blog beside the mainsite runHerne. It’s getting tough at runHerne to keep the balance between personal and pure informatory content. And runHerne should keep its informatory character about running and equipment. This doesn’t mean all content will be free of emotions and personal statements. It’s more the thoughts I have about running and the experiences I made by running. Enough said about the content.

The idea for this blog was born some time ago – many thoughts come to your mind when you read other blogs or websites. The importance of it grew as I recognized, that daily posts about a project wouldn’t fit in the frame of runHerne. Facebook, twitter & co. could only partly be the tool of choice. The backend of runHerne is useful to write posts when you have some time to finish them, but I couldn’t imagine to quickly post some words and a picture while I’m out for a run. So, something other has to be found.

(c) NVA`s Speed of Light/RTG/vE&K Werbeagentur

(c) NVA`s Speed of Light/RTG/vE&K Werbeagentur

‚Which project?‘ you say
Mid September, quite late if you look at the deadline, I came across an email addressed to all the owners of the Ruhr.Toppcard where they wrote about Speed Of Light Ruhr. It took the whole weekend for me to fully realize what the project was about and what the announcement says:

  • three technical rehearsals from 5:30 – 11:00 p.m.
  • four dress rehearsals from 5:30 – 11:00 p.m.
  • four days of performances
  • and all this within 13 days

The runner’s aspects add to the ones above: each of the seven performances include nearly 2,5km run-performance (raw estimated) and at the days of performance you have to run 19km, 8km and 9km. Sums up to a decent challenge. My timetable was pretty filled after adding the dates.

In spite of this – certainly not without having discussed it with my family – I registered and signed the commitment. With this you confirm that you have enough endurance to fulfill the requirements and that you are willing to participate every rehearsal.

Somehow the project fascinates me from the very first moment and I always asked myself, if this project, that never took place in this way, would really be worth the sacrifice of these evenings. You have to keep in mind that the rehearsals begin after your working day and would last until about 11:00 p.m. And when the alarm clock calls at 5:30 a.m.? What would you do? And how many time would be left for my family? One or the other thing has to be delayed. On the other hand it was a defined period of time lasting for two weeks. The more I was unable to decide at the moment the confirmation-email arrived.

Then began the work to manage all the everyday-dates to fit with the rehearsals and performances. Works good with static dates, but there are always some spontanous events crossing your way. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m pretty sure, that some of the runners don’t register because they could not commit to the dates. Great luck for me was the location, where the runners would meet the so called production base. This would be Zeche Ewald, which I could reach within 15min by car.

Of course I was excited about the first meeting at September, 13th 2013. this would be the first meeting of the whole group of runners. And we would hear detailed information about the project and the process of the rehearsals.

If it will only be half impressive as it looks in the videos and pictures you can find in the internet it will be worth the effort.

Speed Of Light Ruhr – Official Trailer [HD]

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