SOL Ruhr – there is still some magic

SOL Ruhr 13 - Treffen am 05.01.2014 (1)

SOL Ruhr 13 – Treffen am 05.01.2014 (1)

We talked about a meeting in the new year via our Facebook group Speed Of Light Ruhr Läufer just before christmas, at the production base. Sascha Nicolai initiates this meeting and 22 former SOl runners gathered at Jan. 5th of 2014.

The date was quickly found, and although a lot of new years races were scheduled for this weekend a great group showed up.

We met at 11:00 a.m. at the former production base at Zeche Ewald. Thomas Kolossa announced to take pictures of the event (many thanks to him for his effort). So there he took a picture of the whole group at the production base and we went off, because the 8° C (45° F) were kind of frosty although the sun was shining.

SOL Ruhr 13 - Treffen am 05.01.2014 (2)

SOL Ruhr 13 – Treffen am 05.01.2014 (2)

We planned to run the terrace-level of the former mining waste tip up to the sun-dial, where the first public performance of Speed Of Light Ruhr took place. We first had to climb the ascending twisted path to reach the route around the tip. Anyway this was a good warm-up.

We ran the nothern side of Halde Hoheward at a comfortable pace, passing the lookout-balconies and the Drachenbrücke (a bridge looking like a dragon). 4km later we reached the sun-dial. Again it was a special atmosphere to run up there as a group. I often visited the sun-dial in my training runs,

but it was never the same as now. It will never be as magical as in the days of Speed Of Light, but there was still a lot of goose bumps. We performed a „well-planned“ choreografy for the dozen of visitors up there. No thoughts about correct spacing, no sharp edges, but running in a row still works pretty good. After three minutes the performance was over und we went straight back down. It was the same way we took in October 2013.

SOL Ruhr 13 - Treffen am 05.01.2014 (8)

SOL Ruhr 13 – Treffen am 05.01.2014 (8)

At the sun-dial and on our way back people recognized us not least because of the SOL shirts. They greeted us as we passed by … nice and it felt good! The shiny weather lasts during the whole run and the atmosphere couldn’t be better.

After we reached the bottom of the Halde Hoheward, we ran around the nearby Ewaldsee and straight back to the Zeche Ewald with the former production base. So far we had slightly more than 9km and a small group ran on to bring it to 10km. Most of the others stayed for a while at the Ewald Cafe. At 1:00 p.m. I left the meeting with a good mood and went home.

I would be glad if we could repeat this in the near future. Many thanks again to Sascha for the idea. Maybe we ran another location next time. We will see …

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